Welcome to SF Maven Plugins

Hello, the sf-mvn-plugins project is a suite of maven 2 plugins. This plugins should be support the user/developer to handle special things with sourceforge.net or with maven 2.

The subprojects could you find at the left side. Here is a short description of each subproject.

A maven build extension to support a wagon to download of maven artifacts from sourceforge.net file release area (Works only if the checksum are present in the file release system!). General maven could not handle download of this artifacts, because the download need to append a string /download. This does not support the standard http wagon of maven. This wagon support it. The 2nd problem is, sourceforge give a valid response if a artifact is not available. So maven could not decide is the artifact available for download or not. This wagon check the response status 302 and 301. Only 302 will be downloaded from sourceforge.
JAR Install Plugin
Many artifacts are not hosted at a maven repository or there are no chesum files present at the hosted location. So you need manually download this artifacts and install them in the local repository. This plugin can be done this job for you. You must describe in the pom.xml where is the jar (per url) and where should it be stored via groupId, artifactId and version.
1JAR Maven Plugin
A plugin to support one-jar technology with maven. It bundle all your project dependencies from pom.xml into a jar. You can start the jar with java -jar my.jar. The intern classloader of one-jar make your dependency classes valid in the classpath and so accessable to your application.
Example 1JAR Thinlet
A simple example for a old thinlet application wich is bundled by 1JAR to use the one-jar technology.