Updates (version 0.2-SNAPSHOT and higher)

Now a separate project (1jar-maven-plugin) under sourceforge.net is existing and will be continued.

Updates (version 0.1-SNAPSHOT)

Set up the modified sources as a new project on Sourceforge.net

Updates (version 1.3)

Set up the modified sources as a new project owned by Thomas Schubert.

Updates (version 1.2.2)

Thank you to Matthew O. Smith for contributing code to simplify the manifest manipulations and adding the Implementation Version manifest entry key.

Thank you to Stig Kleppe-Jorgensen for contributing code to support multiproject builds.

Source Code

Updates (version 1.2.1)

Thank you to Amir Kibbar for contributing code to allow the plugin to operate without an exectuable jar. (ie the mainClass configuration parameter)

Source Code

Updates (version 1.2)

I've gotten several requests for the source code to this project... I appologize for both not having it available in the first place, and the delay in making it available. You can download a jar from the maven repository or access the SVN repository directly at svn://dstovall.org/svn/onejar-maven-plugin.

The last version (1.0) of the plugin used a template jar file that included a license file from the original one-jar project . I've taken that out per your requests. The URL of the license is still logged to the screen when the plugin is used.

I've updated the default version to the latest version of one-jar (0.96). If you want to use the previous version of one-jar, just specfiy 0.95 as the argument to the onejarVersion argument.

Updates (version 1.1)

This release got screwed up... I'm still learning the maven release process.