Set up a project with this archetype

What are the intern plugin parameter?
The local Repository. Type: org.apache.maven.artifact.repository.ArtifactRepository, @required, @readonly, default:${localRepository}
The standard artifact factory (a plexus component). dependencies. Type: org.apache.maven.artifact.factory.ArtifactFactory, @component
The standard artifact installer (a plexus component). Type: org.apache.maven.artifact.installer.ArtifactInstaller, @component

What are the useable plugin parameter?
A list of artifacts to download and install. Type: java.util.List<DownloadArtifact>,

Which maven repository contains the 1jar-maven-plugin?

This plugin is not available in the standard maven repository. But you can download it via the following repository entry in your pom.xml

For Download Plugin from Sourceforge, please add this to your pom.xml

			<name>SF Maven Plugin Repository</name>
			<name>SF Maven Plugin SVN Repository</name>

And add this to your settings.xml


Example to use the 1jar-maven-plugin

How can i use the plugin?

Here is a example how you can add the plugin to your pom.xml.



Known bugs of Plugin

Wich bugs are known?