Changes of 1jar-maven-plugin Project

Release History

Version Date Description
0.2 2010-07-16 Full Redesign
0.1 2010-01-01 First Release hosted on with name 1jar-maven-plugin
1.3 2009-01-01 Local part with name 1jar-maven-plugin
1.2.3-beta 2008-10-01 Local part to merge into onejar-maven-plugin release
1.2.2 yyyy-mm-dd Part of original project onejar-maven-plugin
1.2.1 yyyy-mm-dd Part of original project onejar-maven-plugin
1.2 yyyy-mm-dd Part of original project onejar-maven-plugin
1.1 2007 Part of original project onejar-maven-plugin

Release 0.2 - 2010-07-16

Type Changes By
update The plugin will be automatically detect the one-jar manifest template "" in the project dependencies. This will be reused as new manifest for the one-jar target jar. All libraries which contains this file will be automatically expand into the target jar. tmichel
remove Parameter onejarArchivURL was removed. You should be use at now the net.sf.maven.plugins.jar-install-plugin instead of this parameter. tmichel
update Deployment ssh changed to sftp for better works with tmichel
update Old Synonym and eMail adress of admin replaced. tmichel
update Since this plugin not contain and not inherited and not depend of the one-jar libs - it can published under the license of GNU LGPL in version 2.1. Because it is not derived. tmichel
update Redesign of concept. None one-jar archive will be redistributed. The One-Jar archive must be dynamically downloaded by the jar-install-plugin or in an other way by maven to solve the project dependencies. tmichel

Release 0.1 - 2010-01-01

Type Changes By
update Changes to support the new project hoster tmichel

Release 1.3 - 2009-01-01

Type Changes By
update Because no contact to the author of onejar-maven-plugin (Drew Stovall) via mail ( was established, so i have renamed the project to 1jar-maven-plugin. This was done to avoid trouble with identical version of my code with the code of the original author (Drew Stovall). I would like to merge the different versions for the future. The author could contact me via mail to or tmichel
add New parameter policyFile. This parameter is sometimes needed for usage in web start applications. tmichel
add After creation of one-jar.jar file, this will be added to the list of artifacts. So other plugins, such as pgp plugin could find the artifact. tmichel
add The dependencies wiht scope runtime are now supported to add as libraries. This was needed for libraries such as ICE_JNIRegistry-1.dll. tmichel

Release 1.2.3-beta - 2008-10-01

Type Changes By
add New reports added. tmichel
add New parameter stripVersion added. tmichel
add New parameter fileNameMap added. tmichel

Release 1.2.2 - yyyy-mm-dd

Type Changes By
update Contributing code to simplify the manifest manipulations and adding the Implementation Version manifest entry key. m0smith
fix Out of Memory Error was resolved. m0smith

Release 1.2.1 - yyyy-mm-dd

Type Changes By
add Contributing code to allow the plugin to operate without an exectuable jar. (ie the mainClass configuration parameter) amirk

Release 1.2 - yyyy-mm-dd

Type Changes By
add I've gotten several requests for the source code to this project... I appologize for both not having it available in the first place, and the delay in making it available. You can download a jar from the maven repository or access the SVN repository directly at svn:// dstovall
add The last version (1.0) of the plugin used a template jar file that included a license file from the original one-jar project . I've taken that out per your requests. The URL of the license is still logged to the screen when the plugin is used. dstoval
add I've updated the default version to the latest version of one-jar (0.96). If you want to use the previous version of one-jar, just specfiy 0.95 as the argument to the onejarVersion argument. dstoval

Release 1.1 - 2007

Type Changes By
add This release got screwed up... I'm still learning the maven release process. dstovall